Regulovaná jednotka - podrobnosti [en]
kód regulované jednotky
název regulované jednotky
Working as a mountain guide or leader
typ regulované jednotky
The activity of a mountain leader consists of the organization and execution of individuals or groups in the mountains, with the exception of glaciers, rocks and any other terrain where the procedure requires the use of climbing equipment, climbing equipment and material, where the snowy mountain terrain is only possible implementation in undulating Nordic terrain type; the trade also allows for movement on downhill or cross-country skis or walking in showshoes along marked hiking trails and routes. Mountain guide activity consists of organising and guiding individuals or groups in mountain areas, including glacier, rock climbing and mountaineering on secured routes, artificial climbing walls, alpine hiking, leading and organising high-altitude expeditions, including ensuring safety.
směrnice EU
odpovědný orgán podle § 29 odst. 1 zákona
Ministry of Industry and Trade
Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu
Na Františku 32, 110 15 Praha 1 - Staré Město
fax: +420 224 811 089
telefon: +420 224 851 111
regulující právní předpis včetně konkrétního §
Sections 6, 7, 8, and 24 of Act No 455/1991 Coll., the Trade Licensing Act, as amended
odvolací orgán
Minister of Industry and Trade
požadované vzdělání
a) secondary education with a school-leaving examination and professional qualification for mountain tourist assistance activities in accordance with Act No 179/2006 on the certification and recognition of the results of further education and amending certain laws (the Act on the Recognition of Further Education Results), or b) a retraining certificate or other evidence of professional qualifications for the relevant work activities, issued by an establishment accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, or by a ministry in whose purview the sector in which the trade is operated falls
požadovaná praxe
as to b) 4 years’ professional experience
yes; Section 6 of Act No 455/1991 Coll., the Trade Licensing Act, as amended
zdravotní způsobilost
požadavek na to, že na uchazečův majetek nebyl prohlášen konkurz
No (a bankruptcy declaration in itself is not an impediment to the carrying-on of a trade). An impediment to the carrying-on of a trade arises in accordance with Section 8 (1) of Act No 455/1991 Coll., the Trade Licensing Act, as amended, if a bancruptcy of estate of a natural or legal person has been declared, only in the case of sale of the undertaking by means of a single contract in the context of the liquidation of assets in accordance with Act No 182/2006 Coll., on bankruptcy and the methods of handling bankruptcy (the Insolvency Act), as amended; or in the case of termination of the undertaking´s operations by a decision of a court. An impediment to the carrying-on of a trade also arises (for a period of 3 years since a decision enters into force) if an insolvency petition has been dismissed on the grounds that the debtor’s estate is insufficient to defray the costs of insolvency proceedings; or if bankruptcy procedure has been cancelled on the grounds that the debtor’s estate is entirely insufficient to satisfy creditors (Section 8 (2) of Act No 455/1991 Coll.).
skutečnost, že nebyl správně nebo disciplinárně postižen
Partly, it is only examined whether a natural person was pronounced a ban of the activity in the field or in the related field of the trade by administrative or judicial body.
finanční způsobilost
pojištění odpovědnosti za škodu způsobenou výkonem předmětné činnosti
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