Regulated unit - details [en]
code of regulated profession
name of regulated profession
Psychologist in health care
type of regulated profession
profession and activity
Psychologist in health care performs preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, emergency, rehabilitation and dispensary in clinical psychology performed without medical indication. Psychologist in education and educational- psychological counselling.
EU directive
responsible authority
Ministry of Health
Ministerstvo zdravotnictví
Náměstí Palackého 4/375, 128 01 Praha 2 ,
fax: +420 224972111
phone: +420 224971111
regulating law with particular article
Act 96/2004 Coll. § 22
appeal authority
Ministry of Health
required education and training
Professional competence to practice as a psychologist in health care is obtained by completing a one-level study of an accredited master's degree in psychology following the graduation of a one-level study of an accredited bachelor's degree in psychology and passing an accredited qualification course Psychologist in health care, which is carried out by a university according to a special legal regulation.
professional experience
proof of good character or repute
requirement of physical or mental health
absence of declared bankrupt
no suspension or prohibition of the pursuit of that profession in the event of serious professional misconduct or a criminal offence
proof of financial standing
insurance against financial risks arising from the professional liability
other requirements
Until the time of acquiring specialised qualifications, a psychologist in health care may work in a health care facility under the professional supervision of a clinical psychologist qualified for pursuing the profession with